You are probably wondering why I am doing a video on how to take notes in a meeting with a prospect. Because there is an art and a science to sales. The science is in the process and the art is in the conversation. So how do you have the conversation while taking notes? Here are five tips on how to take notes in your meetings

Tip #1 is to ask the prospect for their permission to take notes. I bet you that your prospects will appreciate that and would probably be more concerned if you didn’t ask them if you could take notes in the meeting.

Tip #2 is to write down the key information. Sometimes I try to write down everything they say. I write too fast and I start making abbreviations. After the meeting my notes look like hieroglyphics and I feel like I need the Rosetta Stone to decipher them. Now, I just write down the most important points.

Tip #3 is to maintain eye contact with the prospect. This is one of the most challenging aspects of taking notes – balancing taking notes and maintaining eye contact with the prospect. I try to avoid spending too much time looking down at my yellow pad of paper.

Tip #4 is to know when to stop taking notes. There are times in a meeting when the prospect is making a very important point, they are passionate about a topic, they are trying to be discreet and it is clearly time to stop taking notes. You have to pay close attention to the direction and tone of the conversation.

Tip #5 is to try to avoid taking notes in a social setting. I have had more than my fair share of breakfast and lunch meetings and taking notes in those types of settings is somewhat awkward. Do you want your pen in your hand or are you looking for your fork? What I try to do is, when the meeting is over, I go out to my car, get out my yellow pad, and I write down my notes while the conversation is still fresh in my mind.

Once again there is an art and a science to selling. In meetings there is an art to asking questions and taking notes without detracting from the conversation.

What to do? Become more aware of how you are taking notes in your meetings with prospects. The time is now!