Over 20 years we have coached over 25,000 financial advisers, branch managers, producing branch managers, complex directors, regional managers, and divisional directors, partnering with their firms on priority performance improvement projects.

Next Level provides customized programs for new financial adviser training, recruiting training for management, training for seasoned advisers who have plateaued, book segmenting, as well as working with financial contact centers to service smaller accounts.

Business Challenge

  • A segment of Financial Advisors had plateaued, largely because the business model had changed over time
  • Client acquisition had gone from a transactional approach to one that is warmer and more relationship oriented
  • Some Advisors had moved away away from a consistent client acquisition strategy
  • These Advisors became less able to attract more clients who fit their ideal client profile
  • Attracting and onboarding the right type of client, one that meets a new set of criteria, including being identified as a “priority household”, ie, having more than $250,000 or more in assets


Goal: Help financial advisors deepen, expand, and leverage their existing client relationships and attract more households that fit their ideal client profile

  • Conducting a practice segmentation forming referral alliances with COI’s
  • Engaging the Next Gen investor
  • Gaining personal introductions
  • Conducting client events and seminars
  • Using social media and strategic networking.


  • Instructor led training that focuses on skill development practice
  • Continual follow up coaching to reinforce learning
  • Sustainable e-coaching to reinforce key learnings.
  • Each participant received a “Best Practices Playbook”
  • The client received performance reporting on a monthly basis to measure success.


  • Here are the results from the 23 participants in the program after tracking sales activities for six months:
  • Discovery meetings held with prospects – 232
  • Recommendation meetings held with prospects – 136
  • Priority households established – 42
  • New assets from priority households – $65,485,000
  • Meetings with existing clients – 513
  • New assets from existing clients – $60,894,000

Contact centers face a unique set of challenges centered around retaining and deepening customer relations, increasing revenue, improving service levels, and employee retention.

Next Level develops customized training programs focusing on the unique needs of the call center including inbound service calls (e.g. improved call times, script adherence) and outbound calls (e.g. new opportunities, expanding existing customer relationships). In addition, our coaching program helps managers and leaders create an environment that motivates employees, leading to improved performance and employee retention.

Business Challenge

  • Increase revenue contribution to prove value to the organization
  • Increase NPS (Net Promoter Score) to improve reputation and build brand advocates
  • Extremely competitive space
  • AT&T not the cheapest option – must sell on value
  • Different roles in the organization needed different skill training
  • No formal sales training had been deployed to date
  • No travel/spending freeze midway through the program due to large merger/acquisition


  • Developed training for the National Account Executives and Sales Executives to tell the AT&T – Story to the C-Suite
  • Skill training to be more consultative when presenting to executives
  • Implemented a certification process to ensure adoption and sustainability
  • Utilized video platform and telepresence to create continuous reinforcement
  • Scaled approach from 4 markets to 13 markets


  • Over 250 people went through the program
  • Overall Rating – 4.87/5.0 (ESQI, NSQI, ASQI)
  • Certification –
    • 65% achieved “Mastery”
    • 33% achieved “Advanced”
    • 2% managed out
  • Revenue – 2013 = 116% of quota / 2014 = 132% of quota
    • NPS (net promoter score) – 57.8% (107% of plan)

Professional and college sports teams have unique challenges  which can range from team performance – or lack there of, to rotating coaches and administrations, and even rankings of incoming college recruiting classes and incoming draft choices.

Next Level builds programs for

  • inside sales teams, including selling to corporations, getting past the gatekeeper, and setting meetings with decision makers
  • sales coaching for managers, including best practices for holding goal setting meetings, sales meetings, and performance coaching in real time.

Business Challenge

  • Competition for entertainment resources in the Los Angeles market has risen again with the arrival of TWO teams from the NFL
  • Team performance has been good, but they have not made a really deep playoff run
  • Enthusiasm has waned a bit with the existing fan base
  • Methods for making contact with buyer decision makers has changed over time to different prospecting methods outside of just calling to set meetings


Conducted sales training for the newly hired inside sales team

  • Trained the team through a customized program called Holding Prospect Meetings Outside of the Office that was designed to…
    • Gain more meetings with businesses to sell more corporate suite and priority seating
    • Market the Clippers through email and LinkedIn campaigns


  • Number two in the NBA on new partial plans sold
  • Over 1,800 new season tickets sold
  • Over 10,000 season ticket holders