Steve Johnson
Steve JohnsonPresident
Steve Johnson is President of the Next Level Sales Consulting and a three-time best-selling author.

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Mark Norman
Mark NormanSenior Consultant
Mark Norman has been a leader in the training and development industry for 35 years.

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Scott Laun
Scott LaunSenior Consultant
Scott Laun has been in the performance improvement field for more than 35 years.

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Jack Litzelfelner
Jack LitzelfelnerSenior Consultant
Jack Litzelfelner has over 28 years combined experience in sales and sales training.

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Gene St Pierre
Gene St PierreSenior Consultant
Gene St. Pierre has 25 years of sales experience in commercial real estate and business lending. For the past ten years, he has used that experience in training and coaching sales people.

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Dave Doehr
Dave DoehrSenior Consultant
Dave Doehr completed a 28-year career with AT&T, focused on their call center and culminated with leading professional development for all call center employees at AT&T University.

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Bill Bertolet
Bill BertoletSenior Consultant
Bill Bertolet has 34 years’ experience in the performance improvement industry supporting clients in multiple industries by helping them implement growth strategies.

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Elaine Jordan
Elaine JordanDirector of Training Development
After a successful 20 years in sales and sales management, Elaine Jordan transitioned her field experience and knowledge into the classroom, delivering sales and operations training in financial services.

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