After my first sale, my sales manager and I were riding back to the office and I was really excited about what just happened. Thinking very optimistically about my future in sales I asked, “we just made a sale, so what do we do now?”

He replied, “Put your hand in the air.” So, I did

He said, “What is at the end of your hand?”

I responded with, “My five fingers.”

He said, “What you’re going to do now is go back into the office and use those five fingers to pick up the phone and dial another number! You need to ride the wave of success. You just made a sale and therefore are never going to sound more confident than right now. The prospect will hear that confidence in you and give you that meeting.”

Believe it or not, there are those with success who take their foot off the gas.

Here’s why you should keep your foot on the gas:

SUCCESS breeds success, success gives you ENTHUSIASM, and ENTHUSIASM SELLS.