Rejection can be tough to take and it can have an impact on our attitude. We can get frustrated, take things personally, or even get defensive. The key is to not get bitter – but to get better.

My sales manager told me that you have to take complete and total responsibility and ownership if you lose a sales opportunity. You have to self-reflect.

Was I prepared? Did I ask the right questions? Was she the right decision maker? Did I oversell? Talking too much and not listening?

The list could go on, but let’s stop here. Don’t go to that dark place whenever you fail to capitalize on an opportunity. Don’t say things like:

It is their fault. It’s the competition’s fault. It’s the flaws in our products and services.

Remember that the problem lies not in the stars but within you. Own it!!

Don’t get bitter get better!

So how you do get better? In a word. Practice!!!!

How do you practice? Every day, for 10 minutes, right before you prospect and after you prospect and have identified skill gaps.

Both of my kids, Matthew and Anna, played varsity basketball in high school and before every game they warmed up and got ready to play. I have never seen a high school game start with the referee going to half court and throwing the ball in the air for the tip-off without a warm-up.

Why is this any different than getting warmed up by practicing your prospecting skills before or after you prospect. Here is exactly what to do:

  1. Practice one single prospecting skill at a time – For example, resolving the “happy with current provider” objection before you make some calls
  2. Practice alone – It is the best and most time efficient way to develop discipline
  3. Practice slowly – then pick up your pace – take baby steps to get it right, then go faster
  4. Have the mindset that you are not going to practice the skill until you get it right, rather you will practice until you can’t get it wrong
  5. Celebrate repetition – Repetition is essential to success.

In pressure situations, we always fall back on what is most familiar. What you want to be most familiar with is what works. What you fall back on will typically will be what you have practiced the most. When you practice your skills, you will become more confident and your confidence will manifest itself when it matters most. Under pressure.

PRACTICE will give you CONFIDENCE under pressure, which gives you ENTHUSIASM and ENTHUSIASM SELLS.