Soft Selling Skills

Dale Carnegie said it very well:

No matter what your line of work, even if it’s in one of the technical professions, your degree of success depends on your ability to interact effectively with other people.

Back when Dale Carnegie was doing his research for his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, he realized that having good people skills could help everyone to be more successful—more successful at home and at work. In today’s vernacular, it’s more common to refer to these skills as ‘soft skills.’

Soft sales skills create a competitive advantage in the workplace because they enable sales people to relate, connect, and communicate more effectively and, as a result, be better at building and maintaining relationships. The other thing we know about soft sales skills is that they are transferrable to a variety of roles and situations—customer service, sales, sales manager, sales executive, senior executive, C-suite executive, etc..

When sales professionals combine hard technical skills with the emotional intelligence of soft skills, it becomes a differentiating strength for a sales organization or sales team.

  • Duration
    • 1-Day Instructor-led or VILT, or two half-day sessions
  • For
    • Sales professionals
    • Sales managers
    • Business development
    • Sales executives
  • Delivery Options
    • Instructor-led
    • VILT