If you’re an executive in charge of salespeople, a sales team leader, a sales manager, or a salesperson, selling is more than just business; it’s life and death.

So how do you improve your performance and that of your sales team?


Commissions and bonuses might get your salespeople working harder, but if they don’t have the latest ideas, tools, and training, it won’t matter.

The key to improving sales is in leading and training your people to excel. Sales teams, just like sports teams, need a good coach to reach their full potential. They need inspiration and motivation as well as the best tactics and lots of practice.

Sales Coaching for Managers is sales management training specifically designed for team leaders who want to take their organization’s performance to the Next Level.

Sales Manager Best Practices

High performing sales managers consistently and effectively do this:

  • Have a coaching plan
  • Conduct GSM’s consistently
  • Adapt their style to coach and develop their sales team
  • Conduct great sales meetings and huddles
  • Train and coach selling skills
  • Deliver performance feedback
  • Inspect what they expect

The business of selling is changing. The best organizations shift their focus from the art of selling to the art of training and coaching their sales teams.

The Next Level’s sales management training program gives sales managers and sales leaders specific tactics, step-by-step guidance, and cutting-edge insight on leading their teams to a higher level of performance.

Sales Coaching Benefits

  • What is your role and what are the best practices of a coach
  • Developing and executing a game plan for yourself and your sales team
  • Developing top sales performers and exiting underperformers
  • Implementing best practices from top sales managers
  • Providing feedback, motivation, and inspiration for your sales team
  • Transferring the skills of top performers to everyone else
  • Creating an environment that encourages improvement and performance

Developing your skills as a sales coach and leader Each of these initiatives are achieved through a customized corporate sales training program based around company, industry, and cross-industry relevant best practices. The performance improvement plan typically consists of the following steps:

  1. Senior management commitment meeting.
  2. Identify top performer best practices at all levels.
  3. Develop a customized training program (instructor-led training and e-learning) with client involvement and feedback.
  4. Perform sales skill training for salespeople and/or customer service representatives, sales managers and service managers.
  5. Conduct Sales Coaching for Managers training on how to reinforce best practices and drive Next Level results.
  6. Follow through with sales managers to ensure lasting execution.
  7. Scoreboard to quantify results and to hold people accountable to execute the performance improvement plan.
  8. Measure specific results to determine the return on investment.