The Next Level Training Solution for Sales and Service group Contact Centers that are looking to improve execution, performance, and results.

These solutions have the coding of the DNA of top-performers in the industry, packaging that knowledge and experience into market-relevant offerings that are ready to be utilized for your organization.

Industry Challenges

  • Increase revenue contribution to prove value to the larger organization
  • Increase NPS (Net Promoter Score) to improve reputation and build brand advocates
  • Contact Centers usually operate in an extremely competitive space
  • The client usually is not the cheapest option – must sell on value
  • Different roles in the organization needed different skill training
  • Little formal sales training has been deployed

Next Level Solutions

The Next Level’s instructor-led training

Our instructors create a high-energy learning environment and our collaborative learning style keeps participants focused and engaged throughout the session.

National Account Training

Developed training for the National Account Executives and Sales Executives to tell the AT&T Story to the C-Suite

* How to be more consultative when presenting to executives

Proprietary Certification

Implemented a certification process to ensure adoption and sustainability

Ongoing Reinforcement

Utilized video platform and telepresence to create virtual reinforcement

Coaching Skills for Managers

People Improve When Their Managers Improve!

Coaching plant and team leaders on Conducting Goal Setting Meetings, Skills Training, and Conducting Sales huddles, help the managers increase productivity, morale, and thereby, retention.

Client Contact Center Training

Many firms have created dedicated teams to proactively work with both mass market and self-directed clients to provide anywhere – anytime access and financial solutions. This also benefits with the collaboration of other internal business partners to the client, when appropriate, to expand and deepen the relationship.

The Next Level has developed a program to help these contact centers retain clients and introduce other firm resources.

  • Highest on-target rate of newer Financial Advisors in the last three years— Financial Advisor Training
  • 78% increase in the number of overall recruits, year-on-year— Recruiting Skills for Managers

For Telcom

  • Over 250 people went through the program
  • Overall Rating – 4.87/5.0 (ESQI, NSQI, ASQI)
  • Certification –
    • 65% achieved “Mastery”
    • 33% achieved “Advanced”
    • 2% managed out
  •  Revenue on year = 116% of quota / subsequent year = 132% of quota
  • NPS (net promoter score) – 57.8% (107% of plan)