Core Skills for Building and Maintaining Relationships with Prospects and Clients

Program topics include basic sales skills that can serve as foundational training for any line of business. Virtual instructor led training concentrates on three strategic areas:

Business Planning Topics:

1.    Planning

2.    Goal setting

3.    Time management

4.    Communicating with influence

5.    Value proposition

6.     Critical thinking and decision making

Business Development Topics:

1.    Networking

2.    Overcoming objections to a meeting

3.    LinkedIn Strategies

4.    Asking for Referrals

5.    Forming referral alliances

6.    Prospecting in a social situation

7.     Warm outreach

Connecting Topics:

1.    Building rapport

2.    Discovery questioning

3.    Listening skills

4.    Prioritization conversation

5.    Making a recommendation

6.    Setting next steps

7.     Addressing concerns