The Next Level E-Coaching Solution is a digital platform that is used to reinforce, sustain, and maximize the ROI in your sales effectiveness/transformation program.

We have found that the most effective way that adult learners learn, is to provide a comprehensive body of knowledge, then follow-up with smaller “bite size” pieces of information as reinforcement.

The Next Level E-Coaching Solution facilitates that follow-up and delivers relevant information at the point of need. The E-Coaching platform can be deployed stand-alone or more commonly used in a blended model to reinforce an instructor-led, practice-based venue.

“Training isn’t something you did, it’s something that you keep doing.”

E-Coaching Benefits

  • Accessible 24×7 at the point of need
  • Provides “how-to demos” is a YouTube-like format
  • Accelerates the pace of behavior change and performance improvement
  • Typically delivered in a drip campaign that includes; tip of the day, the quote of the day, the best practice of the day, an action step, and a link to the coaching video
  • Provides a “layer of engagement” to facilitate skill transfer
  • Serves as a constant reminder that keeps users focused
  • Delivers proactive, actionable coaching

[Screen Shots of the E-Coaching Solution]